CNELab: A fast and user-friendly Matlab toolbox to review and process neurophysiological signal: CNELab 2.5.6User Manual and Sample Dataset

CNELBehv: A WinAPI behavioral system (written in C++) to collect sensor data, video and forward to localhost through UDP: CNELBehvCNEL_BEHV_Manual. Make sure to install VS2015 runtime library , UDP and RT pacer before hand.

Tutorial Video:

Teensy Demo Code

The above work (CNELab, CNELBehv) have been published in the 39th EMBS conference. Cite us if you find them useful !

Jiang, T., Siddiqui, H., Ray, S., Asman, P., Ozturk, M., & Ince, Firat, N. (2017). A Portable Platform to Collect and Review Behavioral Data Simultaneously with Neurophysiological Signals. In Proceedings of 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS. Jeju Island. [download]

Unsupervised Clustering of High Frequency Oscillations [1a]

Sparse Common Spatial (Spectral) Pattern :

  • Greedy search : forward search and backward eliminating [1b]
  • Recursive weight elimination [2b][3b]
  • Oscillating search [4b]

Other commonly used tools and drivers:

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