September 9, 2019

Testing New Treatment for Epilepsy Patients – University of Houston

The September, 2019 article by Laurie Fickman:

…Nuri Ince pioneered a dramatic decrease in the time it takes to detect the seizure onset zone (SOZ…cases. University of Houston associate professor of biomedical engineering Nuri Ince, who pioneered…-created machine learning algorithms, Ince observed that high frequency oscillations (HFO) in the seizure

February 5, 2018

UH Engineer Locates Brain’s Seizure Onset Zone in Record Time

The February, 2018 article by Laurie Fickman:

…At the controls: Nuri Ince creates algorithms to interpret brain waves…their seizure onset zones. Most of them opt in, according to assistant professor Nuri Ince, noting…seizures as they happen, Ince locates the seizure onset zone in one hour. Current treatment protocols..

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